October 25, 2009

The Sunday Salon: Read-a-thon #5

Good morning read-a-thoners.
(And welcome Sunday Saloners!)
5:44 a. m. is here.
A little nap is good, but a longer is better. A slept almost four hours.
(No, I'm not going mad. We have set the clock with one hour back on this night , so from 2 a. m. to 5 a. m. was 4 hours for me . Hahaha.)

I'm feeling quite fresh.

Now I'm reading still the book by Elena Ferrante. I'm on the 122. pages. Well, it's maybe curious, but I want to finish it as soon as possible. I have the feeling, I want to tell something about this book, but I can't until I haven't finished.

I need the perspective of the end of the book to understand the whole story.

Oh, and thanks for all the cheering comments. I love them.

PS: I'll will back with an other TSS post this evening! ;)

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Diane said...

You are really doing great! Isn't the time flying by? I am starting to feel exhaustion setting in, but blog-hopping is helping. Keep up the good work.

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