October 25, 2009

Read-a-thon #4

Ok, I'm here again. With some news. First of all, it's Sunday already, 1:47 a.m. (CET).

After 136 pages I decided to have a break from the novel by Daniel Kehlmann. I was getting slower and slower, so I needed something new.

And that is the Troubling Love by Elena Ferrante. It's about the relationship of mother and daughter. Delia, the first person narrator is over 40, and the story starts with the mysterious death of her mother.

After 100 pages it's sometimes quite bizarre, for me it isn't a healthy relationship between mother and daughter, it's sometimes to intimate, they are too close to eachother phisically. But of course reading is sometimes the best way learning about something is not perfectly harmonised with our life, thoughts and feeling.

The other news: I slept for an hour.

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3 megjegyzés:

Michelle said...

Almost halfway through, and you're doing great! Hang in there!

Kailana said...

A nap is always a good thing! It is the difference between making it to the end or not sometimes. :)

Marg said...

A nap is often very helpful! Enjoy your book!

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