October 22, 2009

Read-a thon - my pile

Well, this will be my first Read-a-thon, and I'm very exciting. 24 hour reading... it's something new for me, although I feel sometimes, I'm reading and reading and reading 24/7/365.

So, there is a bit more to read about this challenge here....

I hope, you'll will visit my blog during the event. (It will start 5am Pacific/1pm GMT/ 3 pm CET)

I've selected three quite long books:

The Pope's Rhinoceros by Lawrence Norfolk;
a Slovenian novel: Katarina, pav in jezuit [Katarina, the peacock and the Jesuit] by Drago Jancar
The Jewess of Toledo by Lion Feuchtwanger (this is a German historical novel)

Of course I won't finish them on Saturday, and I know, the typography of the books (small letters) are not ideal for this challenge. So, when they make me too tired, I have some other books in reserve:
I have a Slovenian short stories collection, and a brand new travel diary by a young Hungarian writer.

Oh, yes, and I'm going to visit the local library (it's hight time again), let's see what kind of book I'll find there.

I added 3 another books to this list:
Measuring the World by Daniel Kehlmann
Rosencrantz and Guilderstein are dead by Tom Stoppard
Troubling Love by Elena Ferrante.

And here are my blog-entires during the event:

3 megjegyzés:

Marie said...

Nice! Good luck with the readathon! :-)

Dana said...

this is my first read a thon too and I'm really looking foward to it. Good luck with your reading!

Amanda said...

Good luck & have fun!

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