September 06, 2008

Short Story Steptember: Death and the Journalist

Death and The Journalist by Gyula Krudy

It' s one of the most popular short storys by the famous Hungarian author Gyula Krudy (click here to read the post "author of the week")

It bases on the story of the last night of a journalist before his duel with a retired colonel of the Hussars. It's like a death sentence to the poor, pitiable journalist, Titus Finehouse.

He spends his last night (with his advance in his pocket) in a good restaurant, and he talks with people, who watch him as a sensation. He is the most interessant man in the city this evening. But nobody thinks what does it really mean, this man maybe die tomorrow, nobody cares with his feelings. I think, that's the mean of this story.

This short story is tipically a Hungarian short story, it bases on a grotesque anecdote (at the end there is a surprising - or even not surprising - turn of the story), and we can read about the tipically bohemians, the kings and queens of the nightlife at the turn of the century in Budapest.

This story is avaible in translated version among other classic Hungarian stories online at this site>>>

Enjoy it!

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C. B. James said...

I'm intrigued by these Hungarian writer's you're blogging about. I've posted links to your reviews, too.

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