September 01, 2008

Author of the week: Gyula Krudy

Gyula Krudy (1878-1933)

He is called sometimes as the Hungarian Marcel Proust. His stories are full with bitter-sweet nostalgy, his descriptions like descriptions of melancolic dreams.

*Gyula Krudy was born in Nyíregyháza, Hungary. In his teens, Gyula published newspaper pieces and began writing short stories, he worked as an editor at a newspaper for several years, then moved to Budapest. Sindbad's Youth, published in 1911, proved a success, and Krudy used the character, a man who shared the name of the hero of the Arabian Nights, many times throughout his career.

Krudy's novels about Budapest were popular during the First World War and the Hungarian Revolution, but he was often broke due to excessive drinking, gambling and philandering. In the years after his death, his works were largely forgotten until 1940, when Hungarian novelist Sandor Marai published Sinbad Comes Home, a fictionalized account of Krúdy's last day. This book's success brought Krúdy's works back to the Hungarian public.

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*the biography bases on the article on wikipedia
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