September 02, 2008

Short Story September: Funes

Funes the Memorious by Jorge Luis Borges

It was the first shorts story by Jorge Luis Borges I’ve ever read. Maybe not the best choice, I can hardly find out what he wanted to say with his story.

The story is about a strange young man, Imreneo Funes. We know from the first paragraph, this man has died, and the narrator want to write about it something, something like a necrology. In the first sentence we don’t know of course, why he speak about remembering so strangely. We’ll get the solving later.

The narrator tells us, that he met only three time Funes, and the main point of this short story is the description of a night Funes talks about himself to the narrator.

Remembering, it’s really an important word in this story. Funes has got an incredible good (a perfect?) memory, but he is standing at home, in his bed as a result of an accident. Maybe this story is about the possibilities and the limits of the human nature at the same time.

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C. B. James said...

Sounds like an interesting story, actually. I've not read Borges stories yet, but I should. He is considered a master of the form.

Anni said...

Yes, he is.
And his works give inspiration for many contemporary Hungarian writers, he's is important according to the main topic of this blog too.

Thanks for your visit ;)

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