December 28, 2008

The Sunday Salon: The top of my TBR-list (part 2)

First of all, thanks you all for your good luck wishes, I passed my very important exam last Monday. It was really an adventure, there was a general strike at the railways, and the buses were too crowed, but I could fortunately manage to travel to the university (it is 300 kms away from my home).

Now it's holiday and I have time thinking about the next year.

Last time I mentioned 3 books, which are on the top of my (international) TBR-list.

The Diary of a Bad Year by J. M. Coetzee. I like Coetzee's books, recently I've read Foe by him, The motive, a book is in important role in a story makes this work exciting. (As I know, the new Coetzee-book based on an another novel by him.)

And that is the reason why I would like to read The English Patient by Michael Ondaantje. I was rewatching the movie some weeks ago, and just thought, hey, there is a book in the story, maybe it would be interesting in the novel, in the text too.

And the third book The Last World by Christophe Ransmayr. This is a paraphrase of the Metamorphoses by Ovidius, and I've read this book already, but I started to re-read it, because I think it's a really fascinating book. This is my book for this Sunday, a virtual travel to the Black Sea to the place of Ovidius' exile.

And what kind of Hungarian books I've read recently? I hope, I'll write some post next week about it.

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