January 03, 2009

Woman behind man

In the history man plays always more important role than woman.

Even in the history of literature.

It's not only just about Foe (by Cotzee), where the famous story of Robinson Crusoe is basically told by a woman, and the book (Coetzee's book) plays with the idea Defoe leaves out this female character from his book.

It's about, when a woman is keeping in evidence as the wife of a famous man. Maybe some of the readers of this blog know the excellent Hungarian writer Dezso Kosztolanyi (1885-1936), the member of the legendary first generation of the periodical "Nyugat" ["West"]. He was a really, really excellent and great writer, but I think, his wife, Ilona Harmos was too.

It's just some months ago I discovered her works for myself. She wrote excellent short stories, and there are some unfinished novels by her. The themes are stories from everyday-life of a woman middle class/ upper-middle class, but the point of view is quite sensitive, the style is very feminine.

What is not "feminine" is the point of view of the critics, reviews, studies about her works. These are mostly about how many thing we can learn about Mr. Koszolanyi from the works of Mrs. Kosztolanyi.

It's a bit sad. There is a good female writer, but she's important because of her husband.

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