December 20, 2008

The Sunday Salon: TSS-post on Saturday

Just a short post.

Still busy days, but fortunatelly, there are only few days till Christmas, and I hope, I'll have more time for blogging.

Not only Christmas, but the end of the year is nearing too, and I'm thinking much about what next year. What king of books I would like to read 2009.

Here is the top 3 of my international TBR -list for the next year:

1.Michael Ondaatje: The English Patient

2. Christoph Ransmayr: The Last World

3. J.M. Coetzee: Diary of a Bad Year

About the reasons, I'll write next week.

But now I'm too exciting about my last exam, can't concentrate another things.

Anyway, happy reading!

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N.Vasillis said...

Good luck on your exam. Have a good week!

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