October 13, 2008

The Sunday Salon: A (not so) long TSS post (part 2)

Hello again, I've promised in the previous post, I"ll write about the non-Hungarian books I currently read. (Or I've read recently.)

I've finished The French Lieutant's Woman by John Fowles this week. I really love it. In the first part of the book I concentrated rather on the structure of the text, on this mixture of storytelling and essay writing, in the second part I enjoyed the story, I was really curious what will happen with Sarah and Charles. Maybe it's a bit unusual (I don't konw), but I didnt feel sorry for Ernestina, she was too sef-confident, somehow too normal. An average Victorian girl, without any doubt of her perfection? Maybe.

Anyway, I'm reading now the Persuasion by Jane Austen. It can be quite enjoyable after the Fowles-novel, he usually quotes from this book, and the two story has an other important connection: Lyme, the town.

It's a great experiment to read, how Austen writes about this place and how Fowles. During reading the Persuasion, the first (?) scene in Lyme I always want to find something familiar to the other story.

On the other hand of course, it is a usualAusten-story, but it's also a good reason, why I find it enjoyable.

Happy reading!

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Marie said...

Persuasion is my favorite Austen novel and I've always thought it's not entirely typical- yes, it has the usual good-guy, bad-guy, heroine-makes-a-choice structure, but Anne is different from the usual Austen heroines, and the romance is different too. Anyway I hope you enjoy it for more than the descriptions of the setting. :-)

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