October 19, 2008

The Sunday Salon: I promise... I swear...

Every Sunday I sit down at my desk to write a TSS-post, I promise myself to write more post on weekdays too. But it’s always easier to realise the ideas in my mother language, than in English,  so in my other blog there are 4-5 posts weekly, and here only one or two. 

But hope dies at, maybe next week.

Anyway, this Sunday is a special one, I have finally enough time to read a study by my sweetheart. He wants to know my opinion. Not even about the topic of this work, he knows much-much-much more about marketing and advertising, but about the style of the text.

It’s always interesting for me, reading a text by someone I know from my private life. Just an another example: I have a good friend, a journalist, early this year he has written several articles about NFL-matches, usually watched together. Every time I started to read an article by him, I was searching something,  just only a sentence, a little word reflecting to the fact, I know the author of  this article.

It’s somehow similar. (But much better.)  I know the author of the study, I’m even in love with him. And as I read this text, I can hear his voice, and I feel every, really at every sentences, it’s so typically for him. Great feelings.


On the other hand, I’ve finished this week Persuasion by Jane Austen. I think, it isn’t an usual Austen-novel, a bit strange, mybe I should re-read it to find out why these unusual feelings.

Currently I’m reading the historical novel The Bridge on  the Drina by Ivo Andric. And I’m going to read an another book by an another Serbian author, Danilo Kis.

I even finished the historical novel, I mentioned last week (unfortunatelly there were some problems with the RSS-feeed), and I hope I’ll have time to write a review about in the next couple of days.

I promise…

I swear…


happy reading!

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