September 28, 2008

The Sunday Salon: Sunday studies

Sorry for the last Sunday, I didn’t write a new TSS post. And this Sunday is a quite busy one again.

My last semester on the university started two weeks ago, and my readings depend mostly on my obligations, I read nowadays more studies than novels.

Among this books are some well-known ones, like the S/Z by Roland Barthes. This is an analysis of Balzac’s short story Sarrasine. For 3 or 4 years ago I’ve read this books already, my re-reading focuses on the cultural codes now.. (In Barthes’s theory there are five basic codes helping to analyse a text, read more here>>>)

An another interesting book is about the metaphors, the examples are sometimes beautiful German words like Lendenflammenschwung or Frühlingsaugen. I love this language, really.

This week I stated to read The Holly Sinner by Thomas Mann. I usually like his works, but this one (as I know, it is his last work) I find awfully boring. This is not the only one Mann-novel I should read till the end of this semester, the second one is Joseph and his Brothers.

Of course, I haven’t give up to read works by Hungarian writers, recently I finished An Old-fashioned Story by Magda Szabo, I’ve written a short review, here, and I’ve read some brand new short stories this week too, one of them is written by Geza Ottlik, he was a quite interesting someone: he is an important writer in the history of the Hungarian literature, but he is known abroad by his book Advantures in Card Play (written with Hugh Kelsey).

I’ve found among his short stories a story about a famous violinist returning to Hungary and finding answers to his questions as a child and young man. I hope, I’ll have time to write a review about it this (thanks God) sunny Sunday afternoon.

Happy reading!

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