September 22, 2008

An old-fashioned story

Magda Szabo (1917-2007) is one of the most famous and most popular Hungarian writers of the 20. century. Her stories mostly about her own life, like The Door, or the popular novel Abigel.

The book with the title Regimodi tortenet [An Old-fashioned Story] is about the life of her ancestors. We can learn during the reading strong women and weak men, the society life of the town Debrecen, the customs of its residents, and the life of a fascinating young woman, who has grown up without mother and father, in the shadow of her grandmother and her aunts, and became later the mother of Magda Szabo.

What is really interesting in this book, it bases of real diaries, poems, official papers, etc, it’s really the situation, someone starts to explore his/ her own past and heritage. It’s very personally, direct, writer and reader became good old friend at the end of the book, and the reader wants to read more about this family, about these extraordinary, fascinating, or even sometimes quite common people. And it's not impossible. Magda Szabo’s works are mostly about this topic, and motives we loved in this book, maybe we can find easily in an other one by this fascinating writer.

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Sandra said...

I enjoyed The Door very much.

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