September 09, 2008

Short Story September: To lie or not to lie

Jobb labbal megbotlani mint nyelvvel [Its better to make a slip of the foot than of the tounge] by Gyula Krudy.

The character Sindbad in Krudys short novels is like an old Don Juan, and the stories are nostalgic, bittersweet remembering of the great loves and affairs, of womans and girls.

This story is about two women, Mrs. Rip, an educated, smart and noble woman with legendary beautiful legs, and a young phone operator girl, who listens all the conversations of Sindbad with other women, and falls in love with the man. Also Sindbad finds the situation exciting, but when he meets the girl, the magic is over.

He tells after many many years this story to Mrs. Rip, but she doesn't want to belive it happened nothing between the man and the girl, so Sindbad feels it would have been better to lie something, because women want to hear only what they find fancinating.

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