September 15, 2008

Review: Sindbad Comes Home

During reading this novel by Sandor Marai, I was thinking about how typical for Hungarian stories this eternal nostalgia. Just thinking about my posts, how many time was the main theme of a story the past, the bittersweet reminiscence of the good old days.

The Sindbad Comes Home isn’t an exception, it’s an other nostalgic novel again.

The protagonist of this book is Sindbad, the seaman, an old writer. He has to get 60 pengos (the old currency in Hngary) to by a new clothes for his daughter, and we can follow his way all day long.Long time ago there was everything different, more aristocratic, more elegant, the old writers knew how to live, how to eat(!), how to spend the whole day. This is the meaning of every sentence in this book, there was something long time ago, which is no more, the world has change a lot. But Sindbad is an old-fashioned man.

On the other hand, money just runs trough his fingers, even the 60 pengos what he gets from his editor for he’s written in a restaurant he’ll spend for useless things. Even the moral of this story is he knows many-many thing, but most of them are useless in this new world.

Although this story is told on a bittersweet-melancholic voice, I think, at the end, there is nothing sweet anymore in this voice. Just the bitterness.

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