September 15, 2008

Short Story September: How Can One Finish Writing

How Can One Finish Writing by Matyas Dunajcsik

Matyas Dunajcsik is a very talented young writer, he writes in a very attractive classical style. As I’ve read this short story at the first time, I find it fascinating, how he re-writes a famous scene of the movie Sindbad (it based on the short stories of Gyula Krudy), the one with the meat-soup.

The protagonisst of this story are Tamas, the writer and Helena, the Woman (and Muse).

„She always received me in the kitchen, since she kept her lovers beyond the bedroom door, where I had no entry.”
, says Tamas. They talked about his works, about the differences between novel and essay. There is an allegory in this story, a simile through the whole text, writing is like loving, loving is like writing, Helena knows the art of loving, that’s why she gives advises Tamas, how to write, what to write, and the title of this story is rather about how to end an affaire, even if it’s that strange and a bit Platonic, like this. The text is avaible online, among other texts by young and talented European writers.

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