November 22, 2009

The Sunday Salon: A really, really really, really reading Sunday

Update (16:35 - CET)
OK, the book of the day is definitely a short novel by the French author: Christian Bobin. He is a new author for me, I've read on the web, he sells his short books in more than 100 000 samples.

The book's French title is La folle allure (sorry, I couldn't find any English version). It is about a young girl, she is also the storyteller, she and her family is a member of a circus, but she run always away, she wants to be free, she make quite silly things.

The book is only 120 pages, I'm going to finish it today.


(10:06 - CET)
OK, let's try again. I was going to read all day long last Sunday, but finally I couldn't manage it. And the week after was quite busy ,so I still haven't finished the novel by Drago Jancar I mentioned last week. Maybe it sounds stupid, but I have only one problem with it, the book has soooo small letters, that makes me slow by the reading, and I dont' like it.

But the week, of course wasn't without reading. I've read some Slovenian short stories by contemporary, young writers (born in the 1960's). It was quite surprising, there wasn't any mention of the Balkan-war, the stories, the situations, the characters were mostly from the every day life. OK, it was maybe the conception of the editor of this book (it was a collection of short stories from different authors) to select these stories, and I know very well, Slovenia had a quite and peaceful 1990's, (they have a quite different history than other ex-Jugoslavian countries), but it was still a bit surprising.

This antology is a part of a series, called "Little Europe" (or it's maybe better to say "Small Europe") of the Hungarian publisher Jelenkor, and I've discovered for myself some authors (an their works) I've never heard before. French, Austrian, Dutch, Polish (etc) authors.

Sounds exciting.

(And I know, I still should write a review of two books: Frater Gregorius and The True Histroy of the Kelly Gang. Well, maybe next week.... )

3 megjegyzés:

Book Bird Dog said...

I salute you for reading Eastern European authors. I know some of them also write good mystery/thriller books. Hope you visit my Sunday Salon

Anni said...

I would rather call this region: Central-Europe.
When youre thinking about the second half of the 20th century, it's really easier to divide the continent into two parts the Western block and the Eastern one. But looking back more hundred years, I think it's better to call the region of the former Habsburg Empire (and later the Austrian - Hungarian Monarchy) Central-Europe.
Anyway, thanks for your comment.

Marie said...

the french book sounds really interesting. i have the true history of the kelly gang in my tbr pile and i'll be interested to read your review.

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