November 15, 2009

The Sunday Salon: A really, really reading Sunday

I'm currently reading a Slovenian histrical fiction, set in the end of the 18. century: Katarina by Drago Jancar. The story is about an almost 30 year old woman and about a pilgrimage. The book reminds me of the wonderfull lyrical novel by Istvan Szilagyi: Ko hull apado kutba [Stones Are Falling Into Dwiddling Well] (unfortunatelly an another exciting Hungarian novel isn't translated into English). I'm over 100 pages now (it's a quite long novel), and I'm curios, how will became this pilgrimage the greatest thing of Katarina's life. (Or even not...)

As I know, Drago Jancar is an excellent essayist, writes several books about the (Central)-European cultur and mentality. Some of his works are avaible in English.

More later... I'll be back soon!

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Marie said...

Can't wait to hear more- sounds fascinating!

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