October 26, 2009

Elena Ferrante Troubling Love

Elena Ferrante: Troubling Love

Reading the book Troubling Love by Elena Ferrante I just tried to imagine Sophia Loren and Marcello Mastroianni in the story. I wanted to bring near to me the typical Italian (typical Neapolitan) people and their passionate way of talking. But I'm affraid this trying wasn't really succesful.

Troubling Love is a story of a mother-daughter relationship. I would say, it reminds me a bit of The Piano Teacher by Elfride Jelinek, and I think, it's still very different too.

Delia is the first person narrator of the story, a single woman, over 40. She is a comic book artist. The story starts with the information, that Delia’s mother has died. She was found in the sea, almost naked, she was wearing only a very expensive bra.

After the funeral Delia tries to find out, what has happened really with her mother.
She recollects many important (and mostly traumatic) scenes from her childhood. The life of her mother, father, uncle and a man, named Caserta, who was maybe the lover of Amalia, maybe not. Delia wants to find out, why her mother was wearing brand new expensive lingerie, that was very unusual.

And she wants to find Caserta’s son, the boy (now a man) plays az important role in her memory, but she don’t know why. (They meet in the story, but really accidently and under quite strange circumstances.)

After all, she can recollect all the repressed memories of her childhood, the conflicts of the adults, and she can explain herself what happened with her mother. (It’s a bit uncertain, because it is just her version, and we can't be sure, it is the true one.)

And after all, she discovers, when she wants to understand her mothers life, her feeling and motivations, first she have to understand herself.

Was it a good book? Or a bad one? I don't know. I would say rather, it was a novel not really my taste.

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