August 30, 2009

The Sunday Salon: First person plural (2)

Busy week, busy weekend....well, just a short TSS-post now.
Two weeks ago I've mentioned a novel with the rare way of narration f"irst person plural".

It's really a rare form of story telling, but I've found some works, like:
Two Thousand Seasons by Ayi Kwei Armah
The Ice Mine by Aharon Appelfeld
Sabbatical: A romance by John Barth
The Notebook by Agota Kristof

Next week I'll write more, I promise.
In the meantime:

Happy Reading!

2 megjegyzés:

debnance said...

The only book like this that I can remember is Then We Came to the End. The first person plural made the story very interesting, almost like a chorus of people speaking.

Oh said...

John Barthes - really? I have to check that one out. Thanks for doing the homework on this one for all of us...very very curious about this "style".

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