August 16, 2009

The Sunday Salon: We are telling a story for us about us

Yes, yes there is a new layout for my blog.

I think, this is like in real life, women usually like to change her look, so it isn’t surprising, I like to change my blog’s look.

Ok, but back to the books. In my last TSS-post I’ve mentioned the novel A Room with a View by E.M. Forster. Here you can read my little review.

I would say, today is rather a researching-Sunday, than a reading-Sunday, there is a Hungarian novel Idegen testünk [something like: “Our foreigner bodies”] by Pal Zavada, a quite successful and popular novelist nowadays here in Hungary, which book has a very unusual narration about those chaotic years in the middle of the 1940’s.

So I started researching about this book and the special first-person-plural narrative mode. This book is not a single sample of this way of storytelling among the recent published Hungarian novels, but I would say, it’s still something special.

So and here is the theme of my TSS-post today. What can a I do when I want to work with my idea immediately, but it’s Sunday, all the public libraries are closed.
Thank God, there is Internet. And thank God, I can find the archives of the most important Hungarian periodicals on the Internet. So I can research the reviews and literally critics about this books, etc.

And thank God, I ‘ve found this TSS-post about the ways Internet can enhance our experience of reading a book.

Yes, it can enhance, and it makes many things much-much easier. Unfortunately the libraries here are quite noisy nowadays, (it has changed many things in the behaviour of the people in a library recently) I can’t work that way, but I usually need older articles from different periodicals, so I’m glad to be able to read it on the net at home, and when I want to (re)search something, I haven’t to wait till Monday morning, I can start it immediately.

And yes, I usually search for the place where a story is set on the google map, and even watching sequels of the film based on the book I read, on youtube, but it’s just for fun, it’s not the part of my researching.

At last a question: can you tell me novels with firs person plural narration?

2 megjegyzés:

debnance said...

It's an unusual format. I read one last year with a plural first person narrator (narrators?) It was...eek...can't remember the title...about people working in an office....It was the perfect format for this story. Wish I could think of the title.

Oh said...

For some reason, I never thought about this and have not read a book narrated in the first person plural. I like the idea. Yeah, I kinda love the idea.
I'm not a fan particularly of books in the first person singular; they can be contricting.

But I did enjoy BRIGHT LIGHTS, BIG CITY, written in the '90s and one of the first to use the second person singular - "you." And it worked.

I will watch for a book in the first person plural ... interesting post!

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