August 01, 2009

Daily Diary: Tranquility (2)

Ok, I know, I know, it wasn’t a really good idea to take this book with. Actually I didn’t read any lines from the Tranquility during those four days at the Lake Balaton.

(Lake Balaton)

Anyway, we stayed in a nice hotel is Siofok for three nights. This town is known mostly by the beach parties, and the cheap resorts for students, but we could find a really nice place quite far from these things. Although I prefer the eastern part of the lake (the towns like Balatonfured and Badacsony), I must admit, the southern part has its own beauty too, and it’s not just only about students drinking on the beach.


The hotel has its own little beach, we visited it mornings for cca. two hours , we were usually alone, that was a fantastic feeling, and I took the book Tranquility always with, but never had enough time to read a page or even a sentence.

We visited many place like that one where Attila Jozsef, the famous poet died (Balatonszarszo), or the place where Zoltan Latinovits the great actor died (Balatonszemes). With the mood it was ok, so many tragic story... but when I had some free time, I read rather an another book: a novel by the Croatian writer Nedjeljko Fabrio.


We took even a little trip to Szekszard (just one and a half hour from Siofok), visited the museums of Mihaly Babits and Miklos Meszoly.

(The statue of Mihaly Babits )

Well, this year's Holiday was really literary.

But now I’m at home again, and I’m going to continue reading that exciting book of Attila Bartis.

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