July 25, 2009

Daily Diary: Tranquility (1)

Just trying something new.

On my good old Hungarian blog there was a category something like the book of the month, I wrote (almost) every day some lines about my impressions, during reading this certain book. Maybe it will work on this site too.

My first choice is the Tranquility by Attila Bartis. As I know, it has been published last year in US, so I guess it won’t be an utterly useless thing writing about is. Actually, it will be a re-reading for me, I’ve read this book two years ago already. I can remember, I finished within 2 days, which is quite unusual from me, I’ve found it very exciting, so I’m a bit afraid now, but still hope, it won’t disappoint me at the second time.

Next week I’ll spend 4 days at the Lake Balaton, I’ll take this book with. I know, it’s a bit unusual, this 4-day-Holliday is about summer and sun bathing and swimming, etc, and the book is quite grim, actually not for a Holliday, but let’see, what will happen.

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