May 02, 2009

A new beginning

Hungarian literature from a point of view of an almost insider. Yes, the good old title of this blog. But what should it mean? What do I want with?

Basically the idea was writing about myself. Me as a young ambitious writer, how I’ll become from an outsider an insider. How I write my first novel, which I still haven’t finished.
It wasn’t a bad idea, was it?

But if it’s about writing, it must be about reading too. Today’s maybe most popular Hungarian author, Sandor Marai wrote in his Diaries, a writer’s day is a preparing for that only one or two hours when he is able to write something. And this preparing may be for example the reading. Reading the others, the colleges, how they do it. How they write a story. How they tell something they want.

The idea, writing about how I’ll become an insider, a writer with success, it’s about learning the works of contemporary Hungarian authors.

But how should I write about them in English, for foreign people? That was always the point I couldn’t go further this way.

On the other side, I read of course many foreign books too. And I love the idea of different book and reading challenges.

So I decided for a new beginning, it will be bit more about me and less about books, but it’s still the blog of an

Almost Insider

Welcome to my world.

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