February 01, 2009

The Sunday Salon: My destiny

It looks like the 17. century will be my destiny.

Last time I mentioned The Meeting at Telgte by Günter Grass (here is my review ), and now, this Sunday, wich is nearing to its end, I've been spend the whole day with two books about Transylvania in the 17. century.

The first one is a contemporary book Bestiarum Transylvaniae by Zsolt Lang, and it's a bit familiar with the novels of the magic realism, and its structure is a bit strange: there are short stories (strong connected with eachother) about mythical birds, it's really hard to speak about it.

The another book is written in the 19. centruy. "The Widow and her Daughter" by Zsigmond Kemeny is a masterpiece of the classic realism. It's about an abduction of a young woman. It was a famous case in the 17. centruy, and caused the die out of a noble family.

Is it the "real" story or just modified through the fantasy of the writer? I don't know and I don't want to care about it. It's an enjoyable book.

But I have a question (some questions) for you.
Have you ever read a story set in the 17. centruy?
And was it an old book, or written in our time?
And when you've read both types, which was more interesting?

Happy reading!

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Ruthie said...

I had to really think about this. I don't think I ever have read anything set in the 17th Century. My favorite type of historical fiction is pretty much anything set in the Roman Empire.

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