August 24, 2008

The Sunday Salon: The first TSS post on the new site

Yes,yes, yes, you’re on the right place: this is still the blog about Hungarian literature.

(Thanks Debra helping me so quickly.)

I think, this new place (new URL-address) is better for the theme of this blog, than the other with my name in the URL. After my private life was targeted by a sick man some months ago, I had to think about what did I wrong, why this happened. I think, nothing, I think, I was always careful, but I know, I have to be much-much-much-much more careful with my internet activities.

Meanwhile this English written blog became more private than my other ones, and , I had some bizarre visits even on this blog the last some days again, so I decided to move. The old address is ideal for “official announcements” like: when will I publish my books or dates of readings, book-signings, news about my career as writer; but not for my hobbies, like Sunday Salon.

On the other hand, every new beginning is like new energy for me, I have now a bit more fun in this activity, I finished the Fatelessness this week, see my thoughts here, and I started a new series: question of the week.

But lets see, what is my program for this Sunday.

I decided to read (or continue to read) three books:

Dans le Labirint by Alain Robbe-Grillet. I want to read it because of an essay about one of my favourite author Miklos Meszoly I started to read this book (interesting: is it possible it hasn’t an English version?), and I think, I’ll finish it today.

After a French author, two Hungarian: Peter Esterhazy’s new book and the diaries (2002-2006)o f Alaine Polcz, a great woman, a writer, tanatologist and founder of the Hungarian hospice service (and wife of Miklos Meszoly). Visitors of my main blog about female authors maybe suspect, why I read this book now.

Three quite different books, a Sunday, but before do anything, I’m going to watch now the final of the water polo: Hngary against the USA. Sorry guys, but we’re the best in this sport.

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John's comments said...

Sorry to hear that you have had a bad experience that's why tend not to use my full name for the blog and have it set so that I screen before its posted.
My Holiday from Hell and Books from Heaven post.

Kinga said...

Of course there is an English version of the Robbe-Grillet book: In the Labyrinth (English title, Grove Press, 1994 - published in English almost 15 years ago) - I myself read it in English sometime in the late 90s.

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