August 22, 2008

Question of the week: How unusual should be a life of a hero or a heroine?

Recently I couldn’t finish a book, which is a bit unusual from me.

It was a novel with a parallel story about the wife of a famous Hungarian writer and a life of an average girl living in the 80’s.

I said an average, but I should have said: a too average girl, with her quite pityfull problems about getting a boyfriend, the all-day life in the high-school, somehow those stupid things, what you can (but usually don’t want to) hear every day on a train, subway, in a shop, really-really everywhere there are young girls and woman.

I couldn’t stand this tone anymore, I give up to read the book.

But this was the starting point thinking about this feeling, and my main question was the following:

How unusual should be a life of a hero or a heroine?

Is it necessary to have at least one extraordinary attitude, or one can enjoy also a life of a man-in-the-street. Of cours his life can be an interesting topic of a book, and we can list several excellent examples, but in those books there are always something extraordinary. For example the point of view, or the narration, something with the language, etc…

But exactly that read, what you can hear in your real life.. I don’t know, could it be interesting?

Oh yes, maybe we can try to see it as irony…

I try…

I try…

...but sorry,I can’t.

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