February 12, 2012

The Sunday Salon - good book, bad book

 Hi, everyone,

last time I've mentioned a German historical novel. Unfortunately I've not finished it yet. But I find it still interesting.

Meanwhile I've read  a book by Marina Lewychka. She is a British author of Ukrainian origin. The book I've read was Two Caravans. Actually, I've found it a bit stupid and a bit boring. It was quite well  promoted in Hungary, but it was disappointing for me. A stupid love story with  a happy end of two Ukrainian (illegal?) workers in the UK. It wasn't ironic, it wasn't funny. It was just disappointing. But maybe it's my fault, the theme migration from eastern part of Europe to UK, makes me always a bit angry. But it's  long story about the situation of the Hungarian society, and it's still a blog about book and literature, thus it's enough to say, I didn't like the novel by Marina Lewiychka. And I think, I won't give her books a second chance, sorry.

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