August 15, 2010

The Sunday Salon: Portuguese Weekend

Hello Dear Saloners,

I have been thinking about this a while. I've read several books by Jose Saramago, and even the famous novel The Long Voyage by Jorge Semprun, but no more books by Portuguese authors.

But it will change maybe this weekend.

First of all here is the novel The Return of the Caravels by Antonio Lobo Antunes. The story is set in 1974 and in the 15. century. That makes it interesting for me.

The another book in plan for these days is The Implacable Order of Things by Jose Luis Peixoto. He is a member of the younger (youngest?) generation in Portugal, he was born is 1974, but it looks like he is quite popular in the whole world ( or at least in Europe, but this is almost "the whole world" for me), this book by him is translated into 15 languages.

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Marie said...

They both sound great. I look forward to your reviews!

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