July 04, 2010

The Sunday Salon: Paris in July(1)

Hello dear Saloners,

and the participants of the Paris in July challenge too.

I'm currently sitting on the train waiting to start a journey, no, not to Paris, just to my hometown. So, there is a lot of time to write about... about books, reading and of course Paris, and this challenge.

So, July means for me first of all watching Tour de France since more than a decade. It started rally accidentally. It was July (of course, :-D) it was summer, and my father, who suffered of a serious illness (he had problems with his heart), was all day long just sitting in the living room and watching TV. one day, he said: "hey, children, just take a look at this wonderful landscape during the Tour de France. Well, my brother and my took really a look at the TV, and we were watching our first TDF stage. Accidentally it was the stage, when Marco Pantani won in Alpe d'Huez, a really legendary day. So, it wasn't really hard to fall in love with this sport event.

But a bit about books. So, as expected, in this months I try to write about some French books. My last review (cca a month ago) was of a novel by Le Clezio, now I just started a short novel by Mauriche Blanchot. He was first of all a literary theorist, and even this is why I'm curios what kind of stories (or better to say what kind of texts he wrote)? It's quite interesting to me, because I realized recently, that I'm also rather a theorist than an author who writes novels or short stories. So, let's see, what will be my impressions about Blanchot's work.

The French title of the book is: Celui qui ne m'accompagnait pas

So, I hope, I'll post on this blog soon again.

Happy Reading!

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Book Bird Dog said...

Hope you enjoy the book! I just finshed reading a mystery set in the Dordognes in France, in orchid country. Sounds lovely.

Tamara said...

July is Tour de France in my house too. We just returned home from a 32 hour bushwalk and camp, exhausted, but couldn't resist sitting up to watch the tour (which in Australia plays between 10pm - 2pm). I love the scenery but the more you watch to more you understand the race, the more addicted you get. Enjoy tdf 2010!

Electra said...

I enjoyed your story of watching the Tour de France with your father and brother!

Marie said...

Watching the Tour de France is really fun. I'm doing the Paris in July challenge too though I'm not yet sure what I'm going to write about!

Anni said...

Hi all, thanks for the comments.
@Marie, I just thought, I'll read more French books and I'm planning a series about my favorite French paintings (especially from the period rococo).

Jeanie said...

Yes! The Tour! I listen online live at work, then go home and watch the playback every night! If we miss a night (as we did on vacation) we feel deprived! Scenery for sure; bikes for sure, too!

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