September 27, 2009

The Sunday Salon: Part Two: Almost insider. Why?

Maybe it's not too late to write about the title of this blog.

I started visiting literary events in Budapest regulary three years ago. But I had always mixed feelings. I'm a member of the second largest association of young writers in Hungary since many many years. So, I could say I'm the member of the writers (essayist, literary scholars etc.) community. But I still haven't any 'real" success. And when I visit for example the Book Week, or the Autumn Festival of the Beletrists, I always have that strange feeling, people think, I'm just "only" a reader, a "consumer", a fan of this or that famous writer.

So that's why I think, I'm an almost insider.

I always plan to write here more about the thoughts and feelings of a young Hungarian (unsuccesful) writer, but fortunately the optimism always wins and I write rather about books.

In my Hungarian blog I always want desperately to show to the readers of the blog: hey, I'm not only "just an another girl who loves reading", I'm working with books seriously. But here, in this blog it isn't important me, I just enjoy to write about my thoughts and impressions during reading a book. And writing on a foreign language it's always a great challenge.

Btw, challenges. I joined this week to the Fall into Reading challenge. And here is my review of E. L. Doctrows novel: The March.

I finished The Other Boleyn Girl, it's a fascinating book, I think too, Philippa Gregory is a real storyteller, but I don't know what to say more about this book.

I also finished the True Story of the Kelly Gang by Peter Carey (read post before), thanks for the information about Ned Kelly.

What next? Still Frater Gregorius by Mor Jokai. Unfortunately, it goes a little bit slower than I thought before.

Anyway, happy reading!

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Marie said...

i can relate to your comments about feeling like you're an 'almost insider.' i feel that way too. and for someone who says this blog isn't very important to you, you do a great job! wish i could read your hungarian blog too. :-)

Oh said...

THE OTHER BOLEYN GIRL is rather long yet entertaining, a "page-turner" of sorts. I wondered as I read how many liberties the author might have taken with true history. But she's such a good storyteller it ultimately didn't matter.

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