November 23, 2008

The Sunday Salon: Giving up

Hello fellow Saloners,

in the last 2-3 TSS-posts I’ve mentioned the novel The Bridge over the Drina by Ivo Andric. I think this Sunday is the day, I give up to finish this book. At the beginning I’ve found the idea great, writing stories about the common people living in the near of this bridge over the Drina (in Bosnia and Herzegovina), from the time building this bridge in the 16. century till the early 19. century. But the single stories, I don’t know, well, there were sometimes quite long and boring, so, after two weeks hesitating, I’ve decided not to read this book more.

There is an another situation with the book Sinistra Zone by Adam Bodor. It’s a collection of short stories, about a quite severe and danger place somewhere in Rumania. The relationship between the characters are morbid and absurd, the atmosphere of the stories is very unpleasant. But still interesting, even because of the morbidity.

Because Bodor is one of the most talented short story writers in Hungary nowadays, I'll write about his work next week a bit more.

5 megjegyzés:

Clare Dudman said...

Sounds to me like you've given the Andric a jolly good go! It does sound an interesting idea, though.

naida said...

Its dissapointing to have to give up on a book. Sorry to hear he Bridge over the Drina was a bit boring.

Yasmin said...

Hey Anni and happy reading.

Matt said...

I'm sorry the book doesn't work out for me. It's sad. I always feel bonded to books that I purchase, and will try to persist to the end, although this is not always successful. On the sunny side, you can think of the time that you have saved to read another book. :)

Matt said...

RYC on my blog: The story of Cold Mountain reads like Odessey, but the style resembles that of One Hundred years of Solitude. The slow-moving plot is set against this almost ethereal but realistic setting, up in the mountain ranges.

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