November 11, 2008

The prototype of the unreliable narrator

Some months ago I’ve written about the  Fatelessness and about the question, is Gyuri Koves an unreliable narrator. 

Now I’ ve found an another interesting story, The story of my wife, Reminiscences of Captain Storr by Milan Fust. 

This novel is about a Dutch seaman Jakab (or Jacob) Storr, married with a pretty French woman. But this is an unhappy marriage, Jacob is very jealous.  And that is the point, I think, he is an unreliable narrator. He speaks about what he believes, about affairs of his woman, even he writes about a child, he believes it’s  the own child of his wife. And the real exciting thing in this story, we see it only from the point of view of the captain, and we can’t decide, are these only imaginations, or the real facts.

I loved this book whit it’s informal style, with the honest words of an average someone.

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