October 26, 2008

The Sunday Salon: an almost insider

This weekend is for me, watching and hearing instead of reading. 

There is an annual “autumn festival" organised by the Belletrist Association, this year the topics are the role(s) of female writers, writing as woman, or better to say: writing like a woman, because there are some male writers among the participants written a novel with female narrator, which is an interesting theme too, what is a differency between a storytelling from the point of view of a woman and a man. 

Another interesting question : there are quite many novels female heroine-narrator within written by male writers,  but on the other hand, there are jus few attempts by woman writing as a man. 

The program today makes me curious because a good friend of mine will be among the participants,  I haven't meet since April this year. 

I feel myself again like an almost insider. 

Anyway, fellow saloners, happy reading! 

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