August 28, 2008

Literature and to be out of date

I just started to read a study about the writer Zsolt Lang, who earned a great success with his book Bestiarium Transylvaniae. The book became quite important due to the tendency of the Hungarian prose in the middle of the 90’s.
The return of the story. – it was like a slogan, there are numerous great novels published those years, 1996-1997, many whit historical topic. It’s still a question, it was just accidentally 2-3 years with this way of storytelling, or it was a beginning of something more spectacular trend in the history of literature.
So Zsolt Lang is one of them author, and this essay is about his early years as writer. On the one hand its interesting, what kind of tendency was discernible of his works, but on the other hand, I have this strange feeling, this study is out of date, because that book, that novel is so important in his oeuvre, his other works written before are uninteresting.
Ok, I know, he’ll publish perhaps in 10 or 20 years an other “very important novel”, and then my present thoughts will be out of date.

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